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Python Keywords

Keywords are the reserved words in the Python programming language. All keywords are designated with a special meaning to each. The meaning of all keywords is fixed and it cannot be modified or removed. All the keywords need to be used as they have defined (Lower case or Upper case). In Python, there are 33 keywords. All the keywords in Python are listed in the following table with their meaning.

S.No. Keyword Description
1 and Logical AND operator
2 as Used to create an alias
3 assert Used for debugging
4 break Used to break out of a loop
5 class Used to create a class
6 continue Used to continue to the next iteration of a loop
7 def Used to create a function
8 del Used to delete an object
9 elif Used in conditional statements, same as else if
10 else Used in conditional statements - if
11 except Used with exceptions, what to do when an exception occurs
12 finally Used with exceptions, what to do when none of the specified exceptions solved
13 for Used to create a for loop
14 from Used to import specific parts of a module
15 global Used to declare a global variable
16 if Used to define a conditional statement
17 import Used to import a module
18 in Used to check if a value is present in a list, tuple, etc.
19 is Used to test if two variables are equal
20 lambda Used to create an anonymous function
21 None Used to represent a NULL value
22 nonlocal Used to declare a non-local variable
23 not Logical NOT operator
24 or Logical OR operator
25 pass A null statement, a statement that will do nothing
26 raise Used to raise an exception
27 return Used to exit a function and return a value
28 try Used to make a try...except statement in exception handling
29 while Used to create a while loop
30 with Used to simplify exception handling
31 yield Used to end a function, returns a generator
32 FALSE Boolean value False
33 TRUE Boolean value True

Following is the Python code used to display all the keywords in Python 3.7.3.

Python code to display all keywords in Python

import keyword

Sample program to display all the keywords in Python using Python IDLE

Python Keywords, Keywords in Python

Sample program to display all the keywords in Python using PyCharm IDE

Python Keywords, Keywords in Python

Points to be Remembered

  • All the keywords must be used as they have defined.
  • Keywords should not be used as identifiers like variable names, functions name, class name, etc.
  • The meaning of each keyword is fixed, we can not modify or remove it.