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C Keywords

As every language has words to construct statements, C programming also has words with a specific meaning which are used to construct c program instructions. In the C programming language, keywords are special words with predefined meaning. Keywords are also known as reserved words in C programming language.

In the C programming language, there are 32 keywords. All the 32 keywords have their meaning which is already known to the compiler.

Keywords are the reserved words with predefined meaning which already known to the compiler

Whenever C compiler come across a keyword, automatically it understands its meaning.

Properties of Keywords

  1. All the keywords in C programming language are defined as lowercase letters so they must be used only in lowercase letters
  2. Every keyword has a specific meaning, users can not change that meaning.
  3. Keywords can not be used as user-defined names like variable, functions, arrays, pointers, etc...
  4. Every keyword in C programming language represents something or specifies some kind of action to be performed by the compiler.

The following table specifies all the 32 keywords with their meaning...

Keywords, keywords in c, c keywords

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